Titis Sampurna Inspection (TSI)

TSI focuses on inspection and certification that comply the standards of Government Directorat General of Oil and Gas and other International standard. TSI is an expert in physical inspection, verification and certification of oil and gas equipments.

Sarana Energi Sampurna (SES)

SES was established in 2011 and designed to supply energy for industrial needs in Java

Lentera Pagan gaharu

LPG is formed to retest, repair, and repaint 3-kg LPG containers, located in Kabupaten Grobogan, Central Java in support of the National energy conversion program from kerosene to gas.


Semanggi Energy Pratama (SEP)

SEP focuses on Compressed Natural Gas and power plant operation.

Padma Energi Indonesia 

PT Padma Energi Indonesia focuses on midstream gas business in Indonesia, which specialized in the development of LNG receiving terminal infrastructure in Bali Island to support the increasing growth of Bali energy demand. The LNG supply will be mainly designated for the power plant fuel supply as a way to substitute diesel to meet government’s program in supporting the Clean and Green of Bali.

PT Dewata Energi Mandiri as a subsidiary of PT Padma Energi Indonesia is built to operate and manage the LNG Receiving Terminal in Singaraja, Bali.

Tuban Mineral Sampurna (TMS)

TMS is formed to processing of Silica sand in Tuban, East Java to be used as industrial raw materials such as glass, mirrors, textile, cement, etc.


Sumber Petrindo Perkasa (SPP)

SPP is a special purpose vehicle built to run the 140 km Gas Transmission System project from Gundih, Cepu to Tambak Lorong Power Plant in Semarang, Central Java. SPP purchases gas from PT Pertamina EP at Gundih area and hands over the gas at Tambak Lorok Power Plant that is owned by Indonesia Power (PLN) in Semarang. The distribution of natural gas to Tambak Lorok Plant gate is a way to substitute diesel. It meets the government's program to push down subsidies for oil.

Empora Gaharu

PT Empora Gaharu, was established in 2012 and founded by some experienced professionals and practitioners in Property Owner and Asset Management profiles.

PT Swiss Margos International as a subsidiary of PT Empora Gaharu, has extensive experience throughout Indonesia in conceptual development, market research, economic feasibility reports, strategic business planning, project development, technical assistance, sales and marketing, pre-opening and ongoing hotels & resorts operations, conventions and other related business in the field of Hospitality Industries.

Energi Aria Wiraradja (EAW)

Titis Sampurna forms EAW to build mini LNG Plant in Madura and the gas will be distributed for industrial needs.